Green Schools


Flying the flag for Scoil Aine Naofa

The whole of the Scoil Áine Naofa school community were delighted to receive their first Green-Schools Flag for litter and waste management in 2011. Scoil Áine Naofa achieved this award as a result of a lot of hard work on behalf of all of our students, parents (and grandparents!), management, all teaching , SNA & auxiliary staff, the Board of Management, South Dublin County Council, Mushy and of course superman (who moonlights as our caretaker) – well done everyone and don’t forget Mushy’s Motto…

Don’t be mean, keep it clean and we’ll go green!!

In addition to creating a motto for Mushy we also created our Green- School Code which will help us maintain our litter and waste management around the school.

Our Green Schools Code
1. Bring home any food waste & non recyclable packaging to be disposed of responsibly at home.
2. Re-use drinks bottles where possible.
3. The big green bins on the yard are for recycled goods only.
4. Please use both sides of photocopied paper for art or other class activities.
5.Replace cling film and tin foil with paper towels if at all possible.


Our first flag!


Our Green School’s Song

We’re on the way to going green.

(to the tune of Amarillo – by Ms Lynch’s Class)


Every day we live the dream.

That the world will turn green.

Scoil Aine Naofa’s getting there.

Showing the way to a greener earth.

Reduce, re-use and recycle!

Paper, stamps and all we use.

Scoil Aine Naofa’s going green.


Sha la la la la la (Don’t be mean!)

Sha la la la la la (Keep it clean!)

Sha la la la la la (We’ll go green!)

Planet earth depends on us


Our Green School’s Motto


Ná bí gránna coiméad glan é agus beigh muid glas.


Don’t be mean, keep it clean and we’ll go green.


 Vox pop from the Scoil Aine Spring Clean

By Ms Lynch (Green School Committee member)

The annual Scoil Aine Spring Clean was launched again with amazing success by the Green School Co-ordinator, Ms Burrowes. It all started with a couple of massive shopping expeditions which involved the purchase of paint, soil, seeds and clean-up equipment for the Big Transformation. Thankfully, Ms Burrowes also remembered to buy the gorgeous goodies which we all enjoyed afterwards!

The whole event was planned, organised and put into action, with meticulous attention to detail, by Ms Burrowes and the Green School Committee. Presented below, are eye witness accounts from participants on the day.


Clear your diary!                                                                         Some serious TLC needed here!

Scoil Aine Naofa Reporters Tell All 1

Ms Gilcrest, Ms Mangan, Ms O’Connell and Ms Kelliher - Room 16, 15, 14 and 13 – 3rd classes
On the day of action, Ms Mangan’s class did some gardening. The dirt was stiff, so we loosened it. We did raking and sweeping too. Shane found a little green caterpillar.

Ms Gilchrist’s class did great cleaning outside the office. They picked up weeds and swept any rubbish.

Ms O’Connell was at a camogie match. Her class was split in two. One group did sweeping and the other group helped Ms Gilchrist’s class.

Ms Kelliher’s class cleaned the area between their class and Canonbrook Estate. They picked up litter with the litter-pickers. They dug up dead trees, plants and put them in a heap. They raked all the leaves and swept the paths.

Mr Brennan - Room 11 – 4th Class
Our Green Schools’ Day of Action took place on Wednesday April 18th and it was a great success. Mr. Brennan’s class to the left of the main school entrance - picking up litter, weeding and sweeping up dead leaves. Ms. Kelliher’s class was working in the same place.
Lots of children put on gloves and started ripping out weeds. Even the teachers were working hard. There were three types of bags – one for recycling one for plastic bottles the other for non recyclable waste.
Ms Mangan’s class was working in front of the classrooms and cleaning the windows. They were also ripping out weeds. They all brought in shovels and lots of other tools.
Ms O’Connell’s class was working in front of the school picking up litter. Some of the children in Sixth Class were helping in front of the school as well. Ms.Burrowes’ class was planting flower seeds in the courtyard as well as painting chairs and clearing daffodil bulbs to be dried and planted next year. It was a very busy day but we enjoyed it.


 Many hands make light work                                                 Planting sunflower seeds

Scoil Aine Naofa Reporters Tell All 2

Ms Doherty - Room 10- 4th class
We had great fun cleaning up our school for Green Schools on Wednesday 18th April. There were 10 children along with Ms Doherty, working hard to help keep the school nice and tidy. We were weeding the flower beds and we cleaned the classroom windows too – they are sparkling! More light flows into the classroom now so we can turn the lights off a little longer during our breaks to save even more energy!  We picked up any litter that we saw and we brushed the paths so they were clean and tidy. We were so thankful that it never rained and we all got lovely refreshments in the hall for all our hard work. We love helping keeping Scoil Aine Naofa green! 

Ms McGovern-Room 5 - 6th Class
The Green School Day of Action took place on Wednesday 18th April 2012. Eight children from our class participated. We had to clean the big yard and the walking yard. We did some weeding and gardening. Near the end, one of my classmates got a big fork to use. Afterwards we went inside to get refreshments and attended the raffle. All in all, it was a great day!


 More helping hands                                                                Serious weeder at work

Scoil Aine Naofa Reporters Tell All 3

Mr Walsh -Room 2 – 6th Class
During the day of action we cleaned in front of the school and the yards.
We swept all the leaves away from the front of the school and in between the flower pots. We went around picking up litter. After that we washed the windows, took some pictures and had fun. In the end, the school was spotless. When we were finished, we got treats. Some people won prizes. It was great fun.

Mr Lawlor -Room 6 - 5th class
Hello there room 6 reporters here. We had a good day at the clean up
We had good weather and 6 people from our class came along. We feel
like we did a good job. After that we went inside for cookies and
drinks. Two people from our class won a prize. I won a skipping rope
and Jack out of our class won a pink back scratcher. We enjoyed helping clean the school.


Forensic weeding at work                                                        A pristine finish!


Our first green school certificate for Litter and Waste, lets hope that we can add to this. However even more importantly  that we are all continuing to learn how to be more considerate towards the environment, the consequences of wasting energy and the importance of preserving our natural non renewable resources. As our school song says ‘We’re on our way to going green’…. 



Our Green School Energy Code

1.Switch off all electrical items when not in use – no standby rule.

2.Last out lights off – inc. toilets and communal areas.

(save the copier room, Mr Carney has requested the lights remain on in this room)

3.When the heating is on shut out draughts – keep the windows, skylights, classroom and toilet doors shut.

4.Report maintenance issues that impact on energy efficiency to the principal.

5.Photocopy and print on both sides of paper as much as possible.

6.Send general notices by the website to save on paper and electricity.


Remember, energy reduction is about carefully reducing, reusing and recycling our waste matter which includes carbon production. These steps can help to reduce Scoil Aine Naofa’s carbon footprint on the environment and to reduce running costs.


 Curtailing Carbon- can we reduce our carbon footprint?

Our October meeting looked at how carbon is created and how we might all make small steps to reduce it, at home and at school.

First we looked at how when things are burned, pollution (carbon) is created. We lit a candle and allowed the flame to burn. It was clear and bright and we couldn’t see any evidence of pollution.

 Next we held an old tin lid over the flame and noticed it had become black. This blackened area is carbon. Whenever we burn fuel, be it electricity, coal for a fire, even making toast on the grill or in the toaster we create carbon.


Many of the products that we purchase in our supermarkets and shopping malls have a carbon price tag, or more commonly known as a carbon footprint. As environmental caretakers we need to know how big each items carbon footprint is and can we get an alternative with a smaller carbon footprint.

 As an example, some blueberries in our stores come from Ireland, others come from South Africa. Which one do you think has the bigger carbon footprint? Which one had to be packed and put into crates to travel by a truck, to board a plane or ship that burned fuel to get to our shores? While we may be affected by seasonal needs for our food items it is possible to buy locally produced goods a lot of the time, just ask. Food can be fresher and less tired from travelling!

 Other goods

We also looked at everyday items such as paper bags. One sample is a bright white craft carrier bag. It looks great, is useful but had to be bleached white. In order to make this bag, trees were cut to make wood plup, the wood pulp was bleached to make it white and then it was shipped for sale here in Ireland. These bags were made in China.

Paper bags = trees cut for pulp, bleaching wood pulp = pollution, shipping from China= fuel burning. As you can see, a lot of pollution is created in order to make these bags.

 Alternatively we could use these recycled newsprint bags. As above, wood pulp was used to create the newspapers which were recycled by hand and made into carrier bags. The handles are recycled too and are made from old sacks. The green school committee tested the bags and found the recycled ones more durable and were able to carry the same weight as the other bags. These bags had to travel a long way too from India, however they are made by a charitable foundation that uses its profits to help educate street children.


Newsprint made from wood pulp, but recycled to create a bag = negative pollution. Old sack cloth made from natural fibre recycled to create handles= negative pollution. Shipping from India = fuel burning/pollution The recycled bag creates a carbon footprint as a result of being shipped but it is a smaller one than the bleached bags. The fact that the profits go to educate street children is a great bonus too.

As a committee we concluded that it is possible for individuals to make choices everyday that make a small difference to our environmental impact. These positive choices add up to make a more significant difference much like when we all police our energy usage at home and at school. Remember ‘Don’t stand for stand by at Scoil Aine Naofa’ and ‘Last Out Lights Off.’ 


Happy Energy Saving and don’t forget to check your carbon footprint shoe size!

The Green School Committee


 Green Schools in action around Scoil Aine Naofa


 Energy Saving Signage in Prefabs


 G.S action plans displayed on our recycling unit.

 The Green School recycling unit


Scoil Aine Naofa’s Green School Mural…nay fresco, featuring Eco Man, Mushy and some super ‘Scoil Aine Eco Warrior’ student.

Mushy doing his bit for SnaG


 Copy of school BER cert which states our schools energy efficiency rating.



Green Schools weigh in behind Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind


The Green Team would like to say a big thank you to everyone who brought in stamps for the Irish Guide Dogs.

We held a competition between all the classes to see who could collect the most stamps - in weight value. Here are the winners.


Ms Murphy’s               4th class     1.4kgs

Mr Walsh’s                  5th class    1.1kgs

Mr Lawlor’s                6th class     1kg

Mr McElwaine’s         6th class     500grms


Well done to all of our winners and to everyone for taking part. Not only have we managed to recycled stamps we have benefited one of our Green School charities.


Spring is here


Today is Confirmation day for our 6th class pupils and three of our pupils are Green School Committee members so we are thinking of them on this very special day. Have a lovely day and we are glad the sun is shining for you.

 Today’s sunshine reminds us that spring is here and Ms Doherty’s class have completed some wonderful recycled art using the poem ‘Spring Lambs’ as inspiration. We love the way they have curled newspaper strips to create a wool coat for the lambs.  Well done Ms Doherty’s class.




April 2014

Hello Everyone,

Well another April another Day of Action here at Scoil Aine Naofa and what a week! Not only did we do another amazing spring clean of our school grounds we also undertook to have an Energy Day of Action too. The children conducted Energy themed experiments, brought in energy saving devices to show and tell their peers and they played Guzzler’s Energy Game as part of their P.E. lessons. Well done everyone we had a great week. Thank you to all of our volunteers, everyone was fantastic. A big thank you to my Green School Committee members I am really proud of you all.  Finally, congratulations to all our raffle winners and here are some pictures of the events. ☺


Room 10         Solar Power                                                           Room 5 Wind Turbine                                                  

Room 13 Saving Energy                                                               Room 15 Testing different insulating materials



Super news everyone, we have been awarded our second flag!!!!

Two of our Green School Committee members attended the award ceremony at The Helix, DCU. They went up on stage and accepted the flag on behalf of Scoil Aine.

Well done to everyone and thank you for all your help. The Green School Committee wanted to give you all a big ‘Thumbs Up’ for your work, the parents for taking the message beyond school, to An Taisce for all their assistance and of course to our neighbouring junior school St Thomas’.

The St Thomas’ and Scoil Aine’s Green School Committees met recently. It was great to chat with them and they have been a great source of guidance much appreciated folks.

 The committee wanted to say a big thank you to Anne Marie, Ms Lynch and Mr Walsh for all their support -yea! 

Thanks again and let's keep up the good work.   




Green Schools Update 2014/15

Hello Everyone

Well it’s back to school and The Green Team are on the case for our 3rd flag for Water conservation. The first term is busy as students and staff commence a new school year. Our Green Schools Committee members and class teachers have been active from the get go introducing our new 3rd class students to the Scoil Aine Naofa Green Schools programme. They have been reminding everyone to maintain our good green practices incorporating reduce- reuse & recycle, remembering to ‘power down’ electrical items when not in use, closing doors and windows as necessitated to retain heat.

We’ve re commenced our Litter Picking programme, emptied our battery boxes, sent off stamps to support Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind and continue to collect phones for the Jack and Jill foundation.

 Most importantly we had two new third class members join us. Welcome on board Zoe and Cillian.   In October, Scoil Aine Naofa received our free Alder Tree from the National Tree Council. Kevin  our caretaker and Sean one of our committee members  got busy making sure ‘Fred’ was settled in and presently resides in our middle courtyard. Fingers crossed ‘Fred’ decides to stay with us long term. Watch this space for updates.  Having said that, Kevin is a very green fingered gardener, so we may be lucky. You may have noticed the magnificent rose blooms that adorn the lawn area beside our school entrance. 



As always, the students (and no doubt parents) wowed us all again with amazing upcycled costume creations, photographs of which are on display in our school foyer-thank you Anne Marie!  Please drop by and have a look. We were lucky this year to have an external judge from South Dublin County Council, Ms Barbara Reilly who even dressed up for the part. She was a great help and really embraced the spirit of the occasion – Thank you. Every year the competition just gets better and better,  the creativity and effort that goes into the costumes astounds us all and as a staff we have felt the pressure to meet the standard. Are we even close?






In November, Ms Brett and all the staff pulled off another fantastic Science week encouraging us to look at water pollution and conservation amongst other areas.

In December Brendan and Sean from the Green School Committee completed a water audit around the school recording all water using devices. Did you know that we have over 40 toilets and over 50 sinks – how many do you have at home? As our school is over 20 years old it means the majority of our toilet cisterns use 9 litres when flushed. Let’s do some math

1 x toilet @ 9litres flushed min of 30 times per day  = ? ……270 litres for 1 toilet.

(30 represents approx no of students in each classroom)

Now times that by 20 (= number of classrooms) and that some of us may need to use the toilet more than once a day!

Plus running a tap for one minute to wash your hands can waste up to 6 litres of water – on average.

One of the ways we hope to reduce our water usage is to place Hippo Bags in our cisterns. These work by reducing the volume of water needed to flush. You can also use milk cartons filled with sand.

This is only part of the story as we have other water using devices here at Scoil Aine. So as you can see The Green Team have some work to do and are on the case along with the rest of Scoil Aine Naofa – we’ll be back to you with some water saving ideas.




Scoil Aine entered An Taisce’s competition to create a poster promoting The Water Cycle – from cloud to glass. In total we were allowed to put forward 10 entries all of which had to meet strict criteria. Ms Lynch – a stalwart of the Green School Committee, Ms O’Connell, Ms Travers and I were left with a very hard task to reduce the fantastic selection of posters from our very talented students. I have posted a small selection of posters (pre judging) below.  As you can see we have some very artistic children here, I feel sorry for the judges at An Taisce, they will have a very difficult time choosing winners. We hope to know results before April and we’ll  be sure to let you know if we win. 








Hello again from the Green Schools Committee lots more news to share regarding our quest for a water flag!


Zoe, one of our newer members sourced and priced water butts for Kevin and Mr Hourihane. We have purchased three, one for each courtyard to assist with watering flower beds and cleaning the paving slabs. Kevin told us that the first one was filled within two days which wasn’t a surprise considering the wonderful wet weather we’ve been enjoying!

The staff room received a larger recycling bin and it is working a treat. Its important that we dispose of waste matter correctly and it offers a very clear visual on how much we can save going to landfill through recycling.

Our water code has been finalised.


 Scoil Aine Naofa Water Code


·        Notify Kevin immediately of any leaks on all water using equipment.


·        Always make sure taps are turned off/have stopped running before you walk away from the sink.


·        Use rainwater to water plants and clean yard areas.


·        Only boil the water you need rather than filling a whole kettle each time.


·        Soap your hands before turning on the tap.


·        Cover unused paint with cling film to be used again rather than washing it down the sink.


·        When washing utensils in the sink make sure to use a plug or a basin to reduce water waste.


·        Reduce water usage in toilets cisterns by inserting a hippo bag or similar object.


·        Do not flush used cleaning tissue or handkerchiefs down the toilet, dispose of them in the black bin.


Green Schools Workshop

The continuous wet weather was one of the topics that Ms Mylod’s class along with Zoe and Sean from the committee learned about during our recent visit to Lucan Library. They attended a South Dublin County Council workshop on Climate Change. The event was delivered by Enda Reilly. We experienced a very enjoyable presentation of climate change through story and song, some of which were very entertaining. Ask any of Ms Mylod’s class how oxygen is made up of various different chemicals and to sing that well know classic ‘Chewing the Cud- Chomp Chomp’ to alert us all to the dangers of methane gas and the greenhouse effect. Seriously, it was very worthwhile and all of the children did the school proud eager to answer questions and asking lots too!  While this workshop focussed on climate change it offered many links to water conservation and how our daily habits regarding waste disposal etc impact on, what we are realising is not a finite resource – our fresh water supply.   

Four of our committee members attended An Taisce’s Water Forum in March which took place in Waterways Ireland Visitors Centre, Grand Canal Quay. It was a great overview for schools starting to work on their water flag. Claire from the committee has written a brief report about it 

We got lots of ideas and the committee members decided that another mascot was needed for the water theme. They discussed this with our principal and together it was decided that we would hold a competition amongst all the pupils. They were asked to create the character ‘Dr Drip’, the drip diagnostic expert...and all things water conservation’s that for a title? As an incentive each class group winner received a free school tour, now that’s a prize parents and children can get excited about. All of our school tours have a water element included so it linked nicely to our theme. Here is a sampling of some of the entries.


Congratulations to  our winners Dara, Harris, Claire and Jamian

Our overall winner is from 5th class. Meet our new water flag mascot.

Welcome Dr Drip to Scoil Aine appears our new mascot is a surfer! 

Linking Green Schools to SPHE, SESE and a general spring clean some of the class groups undertook a tidy up and planting lesson in Term 3.


Our Green School Committee members stayed after school to help plant the baskets and flowerbeds. There is always lots of work to do and Kevin appreciates any help he can get. The Green School Committee members  have ensured our recycling unit is kept neat and tidy throughout the year. Thank you as always to everyone for your ideas and help ensuring we all put our best foot forward for the environment.

Sadly as the year ends we have to say goodbye and a VERY BIG thank you to two of our members. Lucy and Sean have been with us for four years and they have been fantastic. We really appreciate your work and wish you all the best in secondary. You would be an asset to any committee ...especially Green Schools...not that were biased or anything !!!

Welcome back  to Green Schools 2015 at Scoil Aine Naofa. While we await the selection of our two new third class members. Ms Mylod's and Ms O'Connell's 4th class students have been busy combining their study of habitats and helping Kevin with a start of year clean up. Well done everyone!

Since we last posted we enjoyed a wonderful display of imagination and creativity as part of our Halloween Upcycled Costume competition. Photographs of the children are on display in the school. Costumes ranged from well known cartoon and movie characters to a spooky ‘Whack a skull’ fairground machine! Fantastic work all round.

All the boys and girls have undertaken to recycle batteries in aid of the Laura Lynn foundation with great results. The committee members will be knocking on classroom doors shortly to gather battery boxes for a pre- Christmas collection.Our unit is undergoing a small makeover at the moment to make better use of the space. We will post a picture once it’s all completed.

Thankfully both our trees are doing well the Alder and Hazel tree enjoyed some welcome shelter in our middle courtyard. Sadly, as we have seen that has not been the case throughout the country with our recent bad weather. Storm Desmond is another reminder of how we cannot underestimate the weather and our impact on climate change. This is a topic currently being studied by our 6th class students. Our litter pickers have noted an increase in the amount of litter and the variety of litter that has come into our yard in recent days.

During the whole school event which is science week we focussed on water themed experiments as part of our Green School steps. We have seen a vast array of ideas across the school ranging from The Water Cycle to Edible Water Bottles. In particular, one class created a model illustrating how much water we can save by using just ONE of our water code steps – Soap you’re your hands before turning on the tap. Well done to all the students and teachers involved. Don’t forget that the Christmas Hat Competition is coming up shortly and we encourage everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle, each year the hats get better and better.

A big thank you to all the boys and girls who supported St Thomas’ recent ‘Christmas Themed’ Walk to School. The walk, which was planned for November but cancelled due to bad weather, took place on Friday, Dec 4th and we were delighted to play our part. it was lovely to see both yards dappled with colourful Santa hats. They certainly brightened up a dull day! Here are some photos for you to enjoy. Happy Christmas from everyone on the Green School Committee. 



As you have read, the 5th and 6thclasses undertook water themed experiments for Intel Science Week as part of our education and awareness around the water theme. We followed this up with a mini workshop for our 3rdand 4thclasses here at Scoil Aine. One of Intel’s’ Environmental Engineers, Cathy Cronin, came to our school and explained how Intel manage their waste water by cleaning it BEFORE it goes to the Leixlip Waste Water Treatment Plant. Elaine demonstrated how a scientist can test for pollutants in water by using ph paper. She explained how important it is to have the correct ph balance for clean water which is ph (7) - neutral, meaning its safe to drink.


Using common items found at home that contain acids and bases she asked the children to help with the testing. We used acids – like lemon juice and vinegar and bases such as baking soda. Milk and bleach are also bases. She used these examples to illustrate the common acids and bases found in the home. This workshop linked to our own efforts to reduce water wastage and how we save water through water harvesting. It’s important to remember that it takes energy –another cost to the environment and our pockets to clean water for consumption and to clean pollutants out after we have used it. Both of these actions are key parts of our water code.


Picture 1

Samples of paper dipped in a variety of substances illustrating the presence of an acid (yellow to red) or a base (light green to purple).


Picture 2

Environmental Engineer Cathy, explaining water pollution and cleaning to the students.



This is the second year of the committees work on the Water Flag Theme.

We recently sat down to discuss our progress, what has worked well and what we might need to rethink. Firstly, we were excited if not a little nervous to compare out two water bills one from 2014 and one from 2015 to see if we managed to reduce our water usage. Here are our results –

Time Period : Jan – Mar 2014 Jan – Mar 2015

Water Used 303,000litres 209,000litres

Average litres per day per person 10litres 7litres

This suggests that for this billing period we have reduced the water usage, per person by 3litres. We are delighted to have helped make a positive impact in some way and in particular the children were delighted to see the results of there work on the committee, the efforts of their peers and teachers too throughout the school. Most of all, the committee felt that there was a better understanding of the whole water cycle and the importance of not taking clean water for granted. We will now present our findings to An Taisce so that they can assess our work and see if we will secure another Green Flag. So fingers crossed everyone and we will let you know. We have posted some additional pictures of water themed pictures and posters you will see on display around Scoil Aine Naofa for you to enjoy.


Great News Everyone we have been awarded our third flag at Scoil Aine Naofa for water conservation AND we’ve just been to The Helix at DCU to collect it!!!!!

Two representatives, one from 3rd and one from 4th along with Anne Marie and I to collect the flag. This year we managed to team up with St Thomas’ for the trip and save on fuel emissions...see we are already thinking towards the next Flag –Travel!

An Taisce is moving from large flags for each theme to smaller pennants. The plan is to hang one large flag in front of the school and display the pennants internally in the school. Two of our committee members are modelling the pennants for the three themes we have achieved to date. I think you will agree both members AND the pennants look great!

The event was very enjoyable and we all felt very proud to be part of such an important, globally recognised programme. Once again, we’d like to say thank you to all the committee members students and adults including Ms Mary Dwyer, our Board of Management, school management Rachel, Mr Kevin Gannon (you are a fantastic caretaker and an essential part of the team) all the boys and girls in Scoil Aine Naofa and the wonderful Mums, Dads and grandparents, all of whom help implement and support message of Going Green at Scoil Aine.

A special note of thanks is reserved for our departing 6th class committee members Brendan and Claire. Once again we have been so lucky to have these two students for four years on our committee. At all times they have demonstrated solid commitment and great leadership skills> We are very sorry to see them go, but know that they will be a great success in all that they do.

The committee will be busy over the month of June collecting recycled materials before the school closes and helping Kevin with a general grounds tidy up. We will make sure all the lights are off before we leave for the holidays!

From Dr Drip, Mushy and the Green Schools Committee have a great summer everyone and let’s put our best foot forward for our new challenge in September 2016 – The Travel Flag.


Green Schools Update  Dec 2016

We had our annual upcycled competition for Halloween with some amazing costumes from our teachers and pupils. Here are some of the teachers. Pupil pictures are displayed in school.

Scary times at Scoil Aine Naofa

The Intel Science Fair was fantastic with the 5th classes displaying research and findings on how we Travel in Scoil Aine Naofa. Pupils from Mr Greens class conducted research linking travel methods and pollution in the environment. Well done to Ms Brett, all the 6th class teachers and pupils for the fantastic displays and experiments.

Zoe reports: My class (Ms.O'Connell's) and all the other 5th classes took part in the Science Fair last week.

We all did projects related to travel for our new Green Schools flag.

I think that our projects were informative and everyone had a great time making and presenting the projects. It was fun and also an exciting experience, and I can't wait to take part in the 6th class Science Fair projects next year!

The ‘ Golden Boot Collection ‘ as designed by the Green School Committee, poised and ready to be awarded to each winning class.


Ms Phelan's Class                                                        Ms O'Connells Class

Ms Higgn's Class                                                    Mr Lawlor's Class

How Car Pollution Effects the Atmosphere

Mr Greens Class

A representative from An Taisce came to our school in November to conduct a Travel Audit with some of our classes. We have published some of the findings on our Green School Notice Board for you to view. It was interesting to know that most of the pupils who took part would prefer to walk to/from school. When asked why they said it allowed them to chat to their friends, it was fun and they liked being outdoors. The travel theme’s focus is on sustainable travel methods, using the available services AND reaping the mental and physical health benefits. In some school’s parents who can walk their children to school meet at the gate and continue a further walk together. Caterina from An Taisce reminded us that there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing so let’s get those wellies out!

How would you prefer to travel to school?

Caterina from An Taisce returned to help us conduct a Walkability Audit which was very informative. We walked from the Cannonbrook entrance, down Esker Drive, along Arthur Griffith, the Griffeen Valley to eventually reach The Glebe. We returned via St Finnian’s Green through to Cannonbrook Park and back to base.

The focus of the walk was to assess how easy (or not) it is to walk this popular route to school. We discovered many positives such as open green areas adjacent to walk ways allowing us to walk alongside the sounds and sights of nature. Green verges distancing pedestrians from busy roads. Good parking provision for cars and clear NO Parking Zones so that responsible drivers know were not to park. We assessed the length of time given to cross the road at Arthur Griffith at the pedestrian crossing and found it a little short so the committee will be writing to the council about this matter. Unfortunately, there was litter and graffiti alongside different sections of the path, some overhanging brambles and plants from gardens, cracks in the pavement, cars and bins parked on pathways. We struggled to navigate these safely and can only imagine how difficult it must be for elderly people, people using wheelchairs or crutches and parents trying to steer prams.

When we returned to school we discussed our findings and the ideas committee members had for the upcoming WOW day (walk on Wednesday) which will take place in January. We will come back to you with more details nearer the date. Here are some of our pictures below.


These are just two on the beautiful sights that you can enjoy walking around Lucan

Littering and graffiti                                                      Littering

Trip Hazards

(Pedestrian crossing panel with braille for the visually impaired. It indicated the road and thus traffic pattern. It also vibrates to tell pedestrians who may be visually impaired and hearing impaired)


The Green Team on a mission to assess our walkways

Don’t forget Christmas is an expensive time of year for a lot of people. An upcycled gift, recycled paper, handmade cards and saving wrapping paper are just some of the things we can do to help with costs. The Christmas assembly will feature the Christmas Jumper Competition and we will be running the Christmas Hat Competition again too. All upcycling opportunities that link to Green Schools and allow the children’s wonderful creativity and artistic talents come to the fore!

Mr Lawlor’s and Ms Donnellan’s recently enjoyed watching a play called Mina Swims the Liffey by Garbo Productions and sponsored by SDCC. It was a one woman show with many characters. The boys and girls learned all about keeping the environment clean lest our rivers and seas should be come infested with the dreaded ‘carton fish’ . Thankfully Mina- a fish, managed to save the beautiful mermaid when she became caught in debris and waste dumped in the river.

A big thank you to Margaret from Garbo productions from all the boys and girls.

MARCH 16th 2017 WoW Day

Well all we can say is ‘ WOW ‘that was a fantastic first WoW day for all of the children here in Scoil Aine Naofa.

We’d like to thank all the mums and dads who took the time to make different arrangements this morning in order to take part in our WoW day. The Parents Association organised several Park ‘n’ Strides/Walking Buses to support this event. Between Scoil Aine and St Thomas’ we had St Patrick and some Leprechauns visit us today which added to the fun.  The pupils wore headgear and some had shamrocks painted on their faces. The Student Council gave a helping hand to the AMAZING Green School Committee all of which looked the part in their green and yellow high –Vis jackets. Our grounds were decorated with balloons and Caterina, our Travel Officer from An Taisce gave several workshops to our 6th classes. Well done to all the staff for volunteering their time, Avril and her team of balloon blowers, Mr Hourihane for supplying the apples, Kevin for all his help  and of course the coolest DJ’s in town Mr Green and Ms Murphy ‘masters of the decks’ or maybe ‘ipods’!

WoW Day 16/3/17

Full Bike Racks

Green School Committee

Near Empty Car Park

Scoil Aine Naofa participated in National WOW Day, May 17th as part of An Taisce’s programme to promote sustainable travel.  There was fantastic shoe designs decorating our windows and walls around the school these are samples from Ms Murphys and Ms Weafers.  

Of our 527 students, over 83% of students could walk, cycle or park and stride to school today. The Green School committee did the number crunching on the day and reported that Ms Mooney had the highest number of walkers – 83%, Ms McVerry and Ms Connelly had the biggest increase in numbers adding another 19% to their totals – fantastic news. Mr Somers class came in at 79% leading the way for 4th, Ms O’ Connells taking first place for 5th at 79% and Ms McGoldrick at 79% for 6th. So congratulations to Ms Mooneys for winning the Golden Boot and all its bounty!



October is National Reuse Month. Here are some tips presented by Recycle which the Green School Committee though you might find useful. We have highlighted the ones that we try our best to support here at Scoil Aine and the ones that connect to our travel theme. While it might not be possible to do everything on this list it will make an impact if we all try our best.


Reuse Month 2017 – Supported by Recycle IT

By everyone doing a little, we all can reduce the amount of waste that is deposited in landfill or incinerated. Thinking about the reuse of materials made from recycled materials helps maintain the recycling circle and its part in the circular  economy.

We have listed 37 reduce and reuse tips – You might use some!

  1. Get on a bike and reuse daily for local activities or transport to work.
  2. Repair and reuse bike tyre tubes following a puncture.
  3. Reuse old pillows as stuffing for new cushions.
  4. Use both sides of the page when writing or drawing.
  5. Give your kids or local schools part used printed paper for drawing.
  6. Bring your food to school or work using a reusable hardware tub.
  7. Rent or hire school books and supplies (reuse).
  8. Hire gardening tools that you only use occasionally.
  9. Opt for low-energy light bulbs.
  10. Give your unwanted clothes a second life – rework or reuse.
  11. Research purchases e.g. appliances and televisions, to determine the most energy-efficient, durable, and repairable.
  12. Choose to buy bars of soap rather than liquid soaps.
  13. Choose long life, durable and reuseable products e.g. razors or ink pens.
  14. Use rechargeable batteries at home or in office appliances.
  15. Avoid unnecessary purchasing of occasion products, e.g. Halloween, Christmas and Easter.
  16. Offer virtual gifts, such as tickets for a show, sports event or concert leading to reduce material content.
  17. Choose eco-friendly products – read the labels.
  18. Buys product with less or no packaging.
  19. Buy regular use products in bulk, e.g. tinned and jarred products.
  20. Reuse shopping bags.
  21. Buy refillable products e.g. coffee, loss tea.
  22. Reuse plastic bottles for water from the tap.
  23. Bring a mug to work or the coffee shop for your daily coffee or tea.
  24. Drink tap water in the office from a reusable glass or cup.
  25. Prepared food at home for picnics while
  26. Reuse flasks, tubs, knives, forks, and reusable carry bags
  27. Use washable cloth napkins, sponges, and dish cloths.
  28. Choose fresh food rather than processed food – healthier & less packaging.
  29. Share files over email or file sharing. tools e.g. dropbox; to reduce printing.
  30. Recycle and consider purchasing reused ink cartridges.
  31. Reuse glass jars to store food, nails, screws and other useful household items.
  32. Punch holes in small jam jar lids to create a cheese or spice shaker.
  33. Approach office supply companies about purchasing used office equipment.
  34. Use your bike for exercise – rather than taking the car to the gym.
  35. Car share where distances are longer and where public transport is not accessible.
  36. Use only what you need e.g. one paper napkin, one ketchup, one salt instead of a handfuls.
  37. Take home any uneaten from restaurants in a doggie bag or box e.g. pizza
  38. Reuse garden cuttings to create a composed natural fertilizer


We recycled phones, ink cartridges batteries and stamps here at Scoil Aine Naofa. As part of our battery recycling we have helped WEEE Ireland’s contribution to the Laura Lynn Foundation – a total of €50,000 in 2016. Recycling is not just good news for the environment. When we work together we really can make a difference.

Greens Schools

Greens Schools was well represented at the 2017 Intel Science Fair this year. The focus was on Green Travel locally and globally! Congratulations to all the students in 5th for doing a great job.  Ms O’Connell, Mr Greene, Ms Higgins and Mr Sommers were delighted with the completed group work from each class. Here are some pictures of the projects on display.

Photographs of the projects with some of the presenters are on display at the Green School Unit in school.

Well done everyone. 


WoW Day March 15th 2018

We had another WoW day on March 15th as part of our St Patrick Day celebrations.  Thanks to the Parents Association we have our unique Scoil Aine Naofa WoW day banner and stickers. The committee members and teachers were busy handing out stickers to everyone who walked to school. The committee members met with An Taisce’s travel officer on Tuesday as part of our assessment for the Travel Flag so fingers crossed we might have some good news in April!


Ms O’Connell’s clean up!

As part of our participation in An Taisce’s national Spring Clean programme Scoil Áine Naofa pupils along with teachers and SNA’s jumped at the chance to do a spot of Spring Cleaning on our school grounds. These pictures show Ms O’Connell’s class tackling one of our courtyards. Under Kevin’s ever reliable direction there was sweeping, scraping, washing, planting and the opportunity to do it again if it wasn’t up to his high standards! Just kidding of course. Kevin does a wonderful job multitasking so many caretaking needs at Scoil Áine and he just happens to be an amazingly gifted gardener too. He was delighted with the help from Ms O’ Connells and other classes took the opportunity to takeover different sections to do their own spring clean. We have no doubt that Ms O’Connell’s class were very enthusiastic, and they look like they really enjoyed themselves which is great to see.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our 2018 spring clean – The Green School Committee

National WoW Day at Scoil Áine Naofa

By Ella McGrath 3rd Class

On the 16th of May 2018 it was National WoW Day here at Scoil Áine Naofa. The Green Schools Committee and I were helping out. We handed out stickers and it was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it. We also helped with a green school circuit. We either did examples of the action or held up a sign of what to do. We had a DJ who was Mr. Green. His music was ok, some was good and some were bad. All the committee's ears were blown off by the end. Thank you to Ms. Burrowes for arranging a really nice day:)




Each year the Green Schools Committee at Scoil Áine Naofa has to big a fond farewell to our sixth class members and this year is no exception. We are very grateful to Cillian and Angelina for all their help. Cillian has been with us since 3rd class and Angelina was one of the many who offered to step up to replace a pupil who left the school. Thank you both. We will miss you but we know you will both go onto great things…..possibly  ‘Secondary Green School Committee’ type ‘Great’ things???  Cillian and Angelina would like to say their final farewell.

My time in green schools was fun. For the last four years I have been in green schools and it was no time wasted. I'm sure you already know what green schools is but if you don’t, I’ll give you the rundown. In green schools we try to make the world, and in particular the environment, a better place bit by bit. My favourite memory in green schools has to be when I got into the committee because it was an amazing chance to be one of the students who was elected and selected to get on the committee. So thanks green schools for the good years. I would also like to thank all the other committee members and Ms Burrows.                                                (Cillian 6th Class 2018 )

In all my time in green schools, we learnt a lot about the environment in a fun and interesting way. Being in green schools opened up my eyes to see the world from a more environmentally friendly perspective. We learnt how to take care of our world starting with our local community. We saw a lot of change over the years. I would also like to thank Ms Burrows for his educating experience. I have made a lot of memories here and I would like to see it continue and be appreciated. I would like to thank the rest of the green schools committee, Thank You!     (Angelina    6th Class 2018 )


Green Schools Travel Flag Collection


Hello everybody!

Hannah and Amy here from Green Schools, reporting back from The Helix. We were transported to Helix by a private coach and we are going to tell you about our experience.

We arrived at The Helix at around 10 to 1 and once we got there we registered. Then as we moved on further we saw two mascots, a puffin and a lobster that don’t have any names yet.

We took a Green-Schoolstagram picture (not a real website).

After pictures we had a delicious meal including a muffin for dessert.

When everyone finished their food, we went to collect our flag.

At first, we were very nervous but then Ms Burrowes asked us to look at the junior infants who were waiting to go on stage. She said,” Ok, if these junior infants can go up and sing in front of everyone I think you can walk on to the stage too, don’t you? Everybody gets nervous just go up, receive the flag and then just walk off- you can do it!”

We went up onto the stage shaking to collect our flag but when we came back we said that it was better than we thought it would be, next up after us came St Thomas’s school to collect theirs. We gave them a loud cheer.

When we came back we were very tired and happy that we have finally gotten our travel flag.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Burrowes and all other teachers that have helped in Green Schools this year that allowed bringing our school closer to being environmentally friendly.                           

                                                                                       By Hannah and Amy  


Caring is Sharing with the Green School Committee

A big thank you to everyone and we mean everyone who helped us to secure our 4th, yes our 4th Green Flag at Scoil Áine Noafa. We are so proud to be a part of a school that is continually working towards improving our practice with regard to caring for the environment. Once again, the committee’s enthusiasm has kept us all going. We would like to send a ‘shout out’ to all the volunteers who stepped up to help make this happen. As we continue on our Green Schools journey to our next flag we will, as with all the themes, endeavour to keep prompting greener travel when commuting to school. All of which will only continue to happen with the support of our whole school community. We would like to a special thank you to Rachel for helping to organise our own travel to and from events and we suspect that she had something to do with this lovely cake given to us to celebrate our success. All credit to our professional cake cutters Avril, Anne Marie and Jennifer who managed to share this cake and other treats amongst many with all the pupils. Have a lovely summer everyone and we look forward to seeing you all again in the new school year. Pssst we hope you see a lot of animal, insect, flower and plant varieties this summer. Biodiversity is very important for the environment. I wonder what flag is coming next?

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