Student Council

The Scoil Áine Student Council was set up in January 2017. We have 19 student councillors, one representing every class in Scoil Áine, and two teachers, Ms Grenham and Mr Somers, Our councillors are as follows:

  • Sarah Balauca (Chairperson)
  • Nathan Clarke
  • Chien Chien Leung
  • Luka Milicevic
  • Katie Dwyer
  • James Talbot
  • Jamian Mongwe (Secretary)
  • Jamie Condron
  • Saoirse Balfe
  • Joseph Hearne
  • Mia Kelly
  • Leon Olujic
  • Emma Flanagan
  • Aoibhe Fleming
  • Lucy Kelly
  • Rebecca Thomas
  • Natalia Natywo
  • Anna McCaffrey
  • Jake Malone

The aim of the Student Council is to provide an opportunity for students to speak up and voice their opinions on school life. Realistic and relevant issues that students have are brought to the Student Council to be discussed. The Student Council are not only a voice but we also act as a good listener for students in the school. We help in the organisation of events in Scoil Áine. We have worked on a number of items since January, for example, assisting The Green School’s Committee with WOW day, helping Ms Lynch with Operation Transformation’s 10@10, delivering Easter eggs to lucky winners, carrying out surveys and deciding on 6th class school tour.


Our big project this year was studying the Healthy Eating Policy. We carried out many surveys, gathered the children’s ideas, attended a meeting with the nutritionalist from Glanmore Foods and tasted alternative snacks. After our big study we have changed our weekly order with Glanmore Foods. In September we will be receiving fruit, Rich Tea biscuits and oat bars. We also compiled a list of healthy snacks and suitable Friday treats and passed this information onto the Healthy Eating Committee of teachers. It is great being involved in important decision making in Scoil Áine.


Another highlight of this year was acting as a ‘buddy’ for the second class children in St. Thomas’. Our 5th, 6th and some 4th class councillors introduced themselves to the second class children. We told them all about our great school and brought them on a tour of Scoil Áine. It was a fantastic opportunity for us all!


We, the councillors, will stay in our role until October/November 2017. Elections will then take place for next year. We would encourage everyone to get involved as it’s a great experience!


Completed by Sarah Balauca and Aoibhe Fleming.

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